Enough Time

Title: Enough Time
Medium: Graphite pencil on paper, graphite pencil, colored pencil, gesso on MDF board, painted bells, egg shells, monofilament.

Dimensions: 9 ft. (h) x 8 ft. (w) x 4 ft. (d)
Installation: American Jewish University, Los Angeles venue - Jewish Artists' Initiative
Exhibition - 2015 Jerusalem Biennale, September - December 2015
Curated by Geprgia Freedman-Harvey & Anne Hromadka.

Title:Enough Time

Title: Enough Time

In Los Angeles it is easy enough to be Jewish but, in this 21st Century, I am also constantly
and sometimes uncomfortably reminded. Jerusalem may be far by traveling hours
but we lie within the 30°N and 35°N latitudes so, looking from the North Pole,
we are close on the map. ENOUGH TIME combines this map, six open eggs for six mothers of Judaism,
tiny bells for our multiple, clustered and scattered voices and the Bougainvillea blossoms
that pervade and color the cityscapes of my Los Angeles and Jerusalem.