Traveling Companions


Title: Traveling Companions
Medium: Bare tree branches on wooden pedestals, vine frieze and animal drawings -
ink on rice paper, Virgo constellation - white pins
Size: 9ft. x 9ft. x 9ft.
Date: September, 2003
Installed: Pierce College Art Gallery, Woodland Hills, CA



Traveling Companions diagram

Words within the diagram identify the images: (starting on the left bottom & going around clockwise - House Mouse, Woodpecker, Brush Rabbit, Western Spadefoot Toad, Mourning Dove, Mountain Bluebird, Virgo Constellation, Wrass (Bluehead) Fish, Copperhead Snake.

The ephemeral nature of particular lives set into the ground and framework of landscape has been a primary interest and theme of my drawings and installations. Traveling Companions remembers a few elements as symbols of the animals and plants that accompany humans on Earth. Here I am exploring and sharing my questions and my wonder about lives that seem separate and the mystery that makes them parts of a whole.