Pride Goeth Before a Fall

Title: Pride Goeth Before a Fall
Medium:Drywall panels, acrylic paint, wood, electronic stepping system,
audio speakers, tape recorder, audio tape on extended tape loop, electronic light beam.
Size: sound wall - 96" x 144", whole space - 224 square feet
Installed: Pasadena Artists' Concern Gallery, Pasadena, CA

date: September 1995


Pride Goeth Before a fall diagram


A line made of sound (a human voice saying: every time I think I'm alright something hits me again so every time I think I'm alright I remember that I might not be) is drawn across the wall surface in response to the approach of a viewer. The voice line repeats when the viewer, acting as an object in the drawing, moves around the given space, crossing the light beam (a straight line which runs parallel to the surface provided for the voice line.

Electronics by William Kingsbury, Voice by Leon Henry Wolff