The Pilgrim


Title: The Pilgrim (SITE view)

Medium: Painted Celotex, electronic stepping system, tape recorder,

sound on continuous 3-minute audio tape loop, 8 speakers

Size: Each rectangualr form - 6' (h) x 16" (w) x 8" to 16" (d) Corridor - 9' (h) x 24' (length) x 28" (d)

Installed: S I T E Gallery, Culver City, CA, May - June, 1989

Eclectronic stepping system by Michael Sabo




Title: The Pilgrim (studio view)


A line made of sound is drawn from left to right through the eight forms.  Small speakers in each form carry the sound line in a predetermined sequence which continues to return to the left and repeat as long as a viewer is in the space.

Title: The Pilgrim diagram