Atlantis - Frimkess Wolff

Our work is inspired by landscape, both as collaborators and as individuals. We seek a sense of partnership with the Earth and earth forms. As artists, we are concerned with the traditional issues of form, color, line and texture. As observers of the land, we are intrigued and surprised by evidence of its many faces and changes. We combine the languages of art and nature to reflect the transient and fragile qualities of life and landscape forms.

Before we met as teachers at the Los Angeles Braille Institute, both of us had been incorporating senses other than just the visual in our work. Karen's work had usually included an element of sound while Dori's had usually included tactile elements. When a curator chose to exhibit our works together we realized that we had similar things to say with our art, although we work in different styles and media. We found that our separate works complimented each other and we began to develop ideas for collaborative work. They have not been simple combinations of our individual work, but a more complex blending of our styles into a comprehensive whole. We surprise each other.