I Know A Woman


Title: I Know A Woman
Medium: Acrylic on wall, chrome bells, charcoal (clouds on wall above), mirrors
(on floor), lettering on wall, monofilament, hardware
Size: 25 ft. (w) x 18 ft. (h) x 2 ft. (d)
Installed at S I T E Gallery at the Roosevelt Building, downtown Los Angeles
June and July, 1993



Title: I Know A Woman(Diagram)

Text on the wall:  in white

I know a woman who can't stop crying,
I know a woman who's tired of lying,
I know a woman in so much pain..., 
She weeps and shakes and hoards her grain,
I know a woman whose prayers aren't said,
I know a woman whose dream is dead.

Text on the wall: in black

I know a man who's always right,
I know a man who's collar is white,
I know a man who forgets his pain,
He works all night to numb his brain,
I know a man whose river has water,
I know a man whose word can slaughter.